Winter activities

Waltensburg in winter offers a combination of a traditional village atmosphere and many options for outdoor activities. Sunshine and sports in peaceful an rural surroundings have attracted many guests for a long time. There is a daily shuttle-service between hotel and ski-lift which takes no more than 5 minutes. We start after breakfast and late in the afternoon we pick you up again.

Besides, walks are daily organized, so that you will get to some lovely places in the neighbourhood. In this season thers is a wide selection of paths especially suitable for winter walks. Walking these paths is a restful and sporty sensation. Snowshoeing with a guide make is possible for you to walk on thick layers of snow, a very special experience.

Walking in winter

Even in winter there is quite a network of well- kept trails. Hat on, gloves on, and enjoy the outdoors.


Snowshoes are rackets to be attached under your ordinary shoes. Your weight is spread by the flat frame of the snow shoeso that you can walk on deep snow.

Ski and snowboard

The ski resort of Waltensburg is often described as small but nice. No long queues at the entrance gates and on top there is a lot of space on the very well prepared slopes. The fun is to choose the type of piste that fits you. There is also a snowboard fun park, a race track with time measurement and two long sled courses.

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